Wire Brushes & Wheels

As a leader in the coated and bonded abrasive markets, it is only natural that KLINGSPOR develop and excel in another abrasive field. KLINGSPOR is pleased to be able to offer to you our high quality line of wire wheels and brushes. The uses for wire wheels and brushes are ever expanding and with this fact, KLINGSPOR knows that playing a role in this market is important.

The KLINGSPOR line embodies the main types of wire products with a focus on basic application needs. Included in the line are both carbon steel and stainless steel versions of knot wheels, crimped wheels, cup wheels, stringer bead wheels, and end brush wheels to name a few. With this assortment, the KLINGSPOR line satisfies most wire wheel requirements.

Crimped Cup Wheel

Crimped End Brush Wheel

Twisted Knot Cup Wheel

Twisted Knot End Brush

Cable Twist Knot Wheel

Standard Twisted Knot Wheel

Stringer Bead Twist Wheel

Stem Mounted Knot Wheel