Primers, Sealers & Coatings

2K Kwik Primer/Activator/Reducer is a two component primer surfacer provides excellent corrosion protection and can be applied directly to metal surfaces. The quick drying time and easy sanding characteristics of this product will increase your body shop’s productivity and reduce costs at the same time. 2K Kwik Prime may be tinted.

2.1 Low V.O.C. Primer System is a three part urethane primer surfacer. Easy sanding wet or dry. Provides excellent filling and holdout characteristics. V.O.C. of 2.1 lbs/gal meets S.C.A.Q.M.D. Rule 1151 for primer surfacers. Three component system includes: 6501 Primer, 6514 Co-Activator and 6524 Hardener. These products are available in California Only.

2 in 1 Primers are a specialty coating designed for easy and convenient priming of metal and plastic parts. These primers help prevent rust and seal out moisture, while providing a smooth base for topcoat application on metal substrates. 2 in 1 Primers also have excellent flexibility and adhesion properties that enable them to be applied to flexible and rigid parts. 2 in 1 Primers are fast drying, provide superior fill and build, and are easy to sand. They are compatible with virtually all automotive paints.

OEM Flex Primer is a specialty coating designed for priming flexible automotive parts. It is fast-drying, offers excellent adhesion, superior fill and build, and sands easily. Because of it’s unique formula, it has good low temperature crack resistance.

Self Etching 1K Primer is one component metal etching primer provides excellent protection against corrosion to bare metal, thereby eliminating the need for metal conditioning. Use under bare metal or under primer surfaces.

Texturized Coating is for use over basecoats before clear coating or for application over fully cured clearcoats for added chip resistance. Versatile – may be applied over basecoat or clearcoat finishes.

Ultra-Flex™ Brushable Seam Sealer is a rapid curing, flexible seam sealer designed for all types of painted surfaces, bare metal and primed surfaces. It is resistant to weather exposure and temperature variations. Paintable and sandable. It remains flexible and seals wet or dry. Use to seal seams in floorpans, fire walls, truck seams, etc. Brush marks duplicate original factory finish. Skins in 15 minutes. Air drys in one hour.

Kwik-Set Non-Sag Seam Sealer is a 2 part epoxy sealant that cures quickly to a permanent seal that will not sag. It can be used to seal both vertical and horizontal seams and joints on automobiles and trucks. It may also be used to reinforce and eliminate flutter and vibration on body panel cross members.

Quick Dry Rubberized Undercoat is a premium, fast drying, heavy bodied, flexible undercoating with outstanding adhesion and abrasion resistance. It demonstrates excellent dry times with superior paintability that will not crack or chip.

Jammin Clear is an excellent acrylic clear designed for use when performing small spot and panel repairs. This ready-to-use product is exceptional for use on replacement parts, door jambs, hood and trunk jambs and cut-ins. The convenient aerosol can provides speed and efficiency. Jammin Clear is fast drying, exhibits good clarity and provides excellent gloss.

Zinc Rich Weld Through Primer is a fast drying zinc coating designed to restore original corrosion protection to body panels repaired by welding. It features anti-sag and anti-settling properties, and can be top coated if desired. For protection of metal from severely corrosive environments. Superior adhesion and fast drying, also resists sags and settling. Designed for use during welding applications as corrosion protection.