Manual Sanding

Foam & Sponge Sanding Pads

Foam and sponge sanding pads are perfect for quick hand sanding of contoured or profiled parts.

The UltraFlex Sanding Pads are the premium foam pads on the market. These incorporate a dense foam structure and a full, even coating of either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grains. This makes for an extremely long-lasting pad that is very flexible for finish-sanding of contoured parts and profiles.

Hand Sanding Blocks

A variety of manual hand sanding products are available. Some of our products include the hand palm sander, hand sanding block and (shown here) the ergonomically contoured hand block.

Board File Sanders

The board file sander tool is great for filing body filler to a perfect finish. Available in two forms, plain or hook and loop.

Hand Blocks

The double density hand block is two blocks in one! One side is hard for blocking while the other side is softer for feather or contour sanding.